No escape from horrible NYC Covid-19 numbers

What draconian data did President Trump receive to push his partial start-up date for the US economy back two weeks until April 30?

Knowing that damage to the economy is mounting and Trump’s caution of not wanting the cure to be worse than the illness, the new information must be very persuasive.

Of course any date cited is subject to change as the Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented moving target. I expect the April date to be moved past Mother’s Day in the next two weeks. But there is definite value in giving the American people a time frame in this battle.

It gives a collective purpose for the sacrifices each and every American is taking, which may in the end help rid the country of the virus that much more quickly.

Here in New York City temporary hospitals are opening up in all five boroughs including one in Central Park organized by evangelist Billy Graham’s son. The city has converted the Javits Center into a make shift hospital and is expecting the USNS Comfort to dock on the west side of Manhattan on Monday.

On Saturday President Trump suggested looking into putting the the tri-state area of NY, NJ and CT in quarantine. Sunday he said that his top advisors had strongly suggested that move take place, but decided to back off for now.

Was this a trial balloon?

More than likely given the latest data coming out of the CDC stating that there has been 1 death every 14 minutes in New York City over the last day.

Both Florida and Rhode Island over the weekend were stopping cars with NY license plates from freely entering their states. These may be incremental steps before a lock down is ordered if the data remains horrific.

The next two weeks — after a period of self-isolation for the city residents — may see a peak and then downturn of Covid-19 infections in NYC, but no one knows what may happen in the mean time.


1 thought on “No escape from horrible NYC Covid-19 numbers

  1. One wonders if the Navy ships are for the victims of the human trafficking victims?? If they are arresting the perpetrators, the victims need a place to go , don’t they?!! This World Reset is an odd time to be living through!! We, indeed, seem to be living in the middle of Somebody Else’s War!!!
    The lines are so cleanly drawn!!

    Listening to Cyrus A. Parsa, one can get a better sense of the Spiritual Battle going on Behind the Scenes!! His book is, “A.I., Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G.” Prayers for our President are in order!!! For this he was born….this is quite obvious!! 😉


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