Covid-19 ravaging through poorer communities

President Trump cited the horrifying data on Tuesday of how poorly African Americans and other people of color fared when stricken with Covid-19 virus.

As I pointed out Monday when looking at infection rate maps of the New York metropolitan area the traditional poorer areas of the region had sometimes hundred times more confirmed cases than other nearby neighborhoods.

Looking at infection rate maps in New York City and neighboring Nassau County shows that poorer communities have much higher rates of contracting the virus. The why behind this will be what academics will study for years.

Population density and/or the need to find daily work probably play a major role with this statistic along with proper access to healthcare.

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House Coronavirus Task Force cited comorbidity as the possible culprit in the higher number of deaths in the minority communities. Diabetes, asthma and other chronic conditions can lead to further complications in Covid-19 patients.

President Trump, who said he was shaken by the initial numbers, promised to get the data out very soon to give doctors a window into how to better medically treat those in these communities.


1 thought on “Covid-19 ravaging through poorer communities

  1. DAVID ICKE’S interview with LondonReal clearly exposes how this Plandemic has been run on the entire world!! The actual science is exposed. The Globalists have lost!! We are Sheep no longer!!


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