Let’s hope 2022 has deuces wild

As 2021 is put into the record books as the one of the worst years in the last hundred there a glimmer of hope for 2022.

We now enter year three of the CoVid scourge with little effort to find a “more scientific” way of treating the threat. The powers that be beat the drum for vaccines, yet more people died from CoVid-related illness in 2021 then 2020.

President Joe Biden said this week there is little the federal government can do to combat the pandemic, yet his advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci is still making headlines with his ever changing pronouncements on variants and future projections.

The CoVid fatigue many Americans are feeling right now is driving a wedge into society that may lead to a greater divide than the 2020 election. How much more fear porn can Americans put up with coming from the far left media?

We have endured the Alpha variant, the Delta variant, the Omicron variant. What’s next the Vagicron variant, since the virus allegedly lies dormant in reproductive systems?

Three years and trillions of dollars spent and it comes down to this simple science that doctors have been saving for decades: It’s a virus, nothing we can do. Let it run its course.”

So why do I see hope in 2022?

Well for one no Bill de Blasio as Mayor of NYC and no Andrew Cuomo as governor. These two created the worse-case scenario during the first two years. Cuomo with his nursing home deaths and draconian lock downs. De Blasio with his inability to demand huge swaths of vulnerable minorities get treatment, while laying off first responders and health care workers, who were the real heroes in 2020.

Let’s sear into our minds de Blasio’s progressive legacy with the photo of multiple cops surrounding a 5-year-old boy in a restaurant because he did not have a vaccine card.

What will incoming mayor Eric Adams do is still open for debate. What is not debatable is that he has 6 months to save the city from economic ruin with his CoVid response.

So glad to put 2021 into the dust bin of history. Bring on 2022 and let’s hope deuces are wild.