New York City’s Phase(r) set on stun

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that New York City could enter phase 2 of the Covid-19 re-opening on Monday.

However Mayor Bill De Blasio still has not commented on the re-opening or issued any guidelines for businesses.

Another complication is that the number of the required intensive care beds has fallen below the 30 percent level on the 7-day rolling average.

With Friday’s Juneteenth celebration for the end of slavery being cited by Cuomo as a state employee holiday in New York, will there be additional marches in Midtown that could be taken over by violent elements to create more havoc?

All these elements appear to be conspiring to keep New York City mired in the first phase with boarded up store fronts until Washington acts on the new spending bill.

New York may be the hostage camp until Republicans agree to fund additional trillions in bailouts for blue states.


2 thoughts on “New York City’s Phase(r) set on stun

  1. It’s always, “Follow the Money”, isn’t it??? I can’t believe what they are doing to Coach Mike Gundy, either…..I mean….where does this all stop???


  2. You will likely be in a better position to observe but since some incident anywhere might trigger more rioting why would anyone who wasn’t destroyed takedown the plywood?
    Who is paying for all damages to this point?


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