The Democrats are fearful they could lose New York

Here is my question regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Why am I seeing the Biden/Harris campaign buying local ads in New York City in August?

It’s more than a week before Labor Day. So the conventional wisdom is there is no need to advertise yet, especially in New York City for the Democratic presidential campaign.

Could it be that New York is in play for President Trump? What are the internal polling numbers telling the Dems?

I am not in the prognostication game, but if the Democrats have to buy local ads in New York City before Labor Day then I know thet believe the state is in play.

After months of restrictive Democratic control over the Covid-19 pandemic, I know upstate New York will be solid red, but according to this ad buy strategy, the DNC appears to beĀ  worried about Gotham holding back the red tide for Trump to take the state.

There is no other reason for the Dems to expend this amount of money so early in the election cycle. The demise of Gotham must have them on their heels wondering if this will create the cancel culture for the party in the Empire State.