New York governor is still throttling back engine for economic recovery

I’m continuing to focus on New York and its response to Covid-19 shutdown and the reopening of the economy because it is a microcosm of the Democrats playbook.

On Monday both New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio told Gotham restaurants that they may not let them open with 50% occupancy indoors next Monday as is laid out in Phase Three.

These businesses are floundering and to be open at all after four months of the shutdown is a testament to the owners business acumen. To pull the rug out from under them now is oppressive and here’s why.

Cuomo nearly separates his shoulder each time he speaks by slapping himself on the back for the way NY has done during the crisis. He applauds the numbers as all going down. Deaths have plummeted after he stopped sending Covid-19 infected elderly patients back into nursing homes and new cases have also fallen despite rioters and protesters hitting the streets.

So in speaking out of both sides of his mouth, he states we are seeing lowest cases, but we can’t advance in the restaurant re-opening because other states are seeing upticks. That does not make sense.

Trust me Governor, no one is coming to visit Manhattan after the great job you and de Blasio did after the destruction of the city following the death of George Floyd. The hotels are full of homeless and prisoners. No one is booking a room anytime soon.

Sure the two Democrats take shots at President Trump for cases going up in other states. However, on Monday, there were 62 Covid-19 deaths in the US. New York reported eight. Those eight represent 13 percent of all deaths in US. Here’s a fact, Governor, New York represents only 6 percent of US population.

Didn’t hear that stat mentioned. Is this the reason for the pullback? Not sure, because it’s not a fact the Governor presented along with his Styrofoam mountain on Monday.

No Cuomo is acting like an engine governor and throttling back the speed of recovery to sway the upcoming presidential election either through mail-in ballots or Covid-19 second wave fears.


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