New York City may be lost for years

New York City is allegedly one week away from going to phase three in its reopening from Covid-19 shutdown.

However, what’s in a number?

New York City under Mayor Bill de Blasio has become a lawless city as the NYPD has been “ordered” to look the other way when it comes to demonstrations and shootings.

Last week there were 63 shootings in the city, according to crime stats. This represents almost triple the crime for the same period last year.

Seriously what employer is going to demand workers come back to the office next week? Would they want to be on the hook for bringing staff back into a quasi war zone.

Most of Midtown Manhattan is still boarded up or is for rent as many businesses have closed, while residents have escaped out to Long Island, Westchester or New Jersey.

The mayor cannot even defend City Hall and its park from being occupied by demonstrators.

Both de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo are touting falling Covid-19 infection rates, but what’s the point if you can’t venture out because of the increase in crime and lawlessness.

How long will it be before New York can come back to normal? I would say not until the city and state residents decide they want new leadership that respects law and order.


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