Gold, silver and NATO, Germany on tap today

As the stock market wrestles with its future direction, precious metals are moving higher by leaps and bounds towards psychological thresholds.

Gold is thisclose to $2,000 an ounce, while silver is closer to $25 an ounce.

Precious metal pricing is telling investors that the Federal Reserve’s trillions in helicopter money may be jamming the rotor blades and could be coming down soon.

President Trump’s decision on Thursday to bring home 12,000 military personnel from bases in Germany caused an all-out revolt from the Neocons in Washington.

The war hawk wing of perpetual wars and conflicts cite that the German people are less safe today because of the move that reduced troops by 33 percent.

Who exactly are the Germans less safe from? Not Russia.

Germany has such a strong economic ties to Putin, through it’s natural gas pipeline providing Merkel with long-term energy supply.

Trump has every right to question the need for NATO overall and American troops in particular given the strong economic ties between German and Russian corporations.

The President is also steaming over the Ukrainian impeachment testimony from many NATO and NATO-affliated staff. From retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and NSA’s Fiona Hill to Ambassador William Taylor and former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch all had strong ties to NATO some through their membership to The Atlantic Council.

Given the Merkel government’s refusal to increase its funding to NATO, the US decision is also justified.


1 thought on “Gold, silver and NATO, Germany on tap today

  1. About time we stopped being the Stupid Country financing the entire world!! 😉 NATO needs to crumble & we need to kick the UN out of the US!!!


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