When BLM comes to your neighborhood

Black Lives Matter/Antifa arrived in my neighborhood Wednesday night.

They planned to march to the NYPD’s union chief Patrick Lynch’s home. When they could not get there because of police protection the group dispersed onto the streets to create havoc.

Into this scene my 67-year old friend and I found ourselves. A group of eight with a megaphone chanting “Black Live Matter” approached us.

My friend was pushed to the ground and sustained multiple cuts on his arms and head, while I was punched and pushed around trying to come to his defense. It was not a peaceful protest by then.

I give you fair warning, this can and may come to your neighborhood. Be aware and be safe.


3 thoughts on “When BLM comes to your neighborhood

  1. It is not the responsibility of the Police though. We give them billions of dollars, buy their clothing and all their equipment including enormous buildings and provide them with specialized education plus pay them way above what they are worth and provide life time pensions and medical benefits far above private sector expectations and allow them ruthless union leaders but their hands are tied, they can’t do anything especially protect the elderly and defenseless.
    The rioters ARE vicious hate filled street criminals from the gutters of America but are candid and more honest in that regard- openly even proudly criminal and the Police are just time serving clods protecting their union chief diligently (and their pay and benefits) while the blood of the innocent spatters the sidewalks.


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