Cuomo’s Covid-19 policy is par for the course

I am sick and tired of being locked down in New York City.

On Sunday I went out to eastern Long Island to play golf with a friend. Yes you need to wear a mask there when going inside the clubhouse, but you are allowed inside.

According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Covid-19 virus knows exactly where the city limits are. I can travel five minutes from my house and sit inside a restaurant in Nassau County, but not at a local restaurant in Queens.

Admittedly Sunday’s golf trip was literally a breathe of fresh air that we may get back to a somewhat normal life. However, If Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio don’t stem their bitter food fight on restaurants then New York City will suffer greater harm.

While many have written recently about their own escape from New York City, readers here know I have been adamant about Gotham’s demise for last three months.

How can Cuomo say “give me the facts”, which is that the city has an infection rate of 0.2, and continue the war on bars and restaurant? To the point that the governor is threatening to close them up completely in the fall in the city.

The ultimate fact is governor that the demise of the greatest city in the world happen on your watch and like the many thousands of unnecessary nursing home deaths in the state you will have to live with that legacy.


2 thoughts on “Cuomo’s Covid-19 policy is par for the course

  1. The sad part is, Michael, these type of people never look inward to figure things out….someone else is always to blame!! I believe the correct word is “Psychopath”….they always seem to rise to The Top as they are willing to do things we “Normies” could not imagine doing. Dr. Katherine Horton has experienced the effects of this in her own life.

    My question is, the destruction of Dem cities….is it enough to wake people up to voting in a different type of “leader”? Or…is the American Public SO brainwashed that we think we have to continue OBEYING crooked leadership??!!


  2. YOU have to leave NYC as an older wealthy person incapable of any sort of self defense in terms of physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. You are just going to lie there crying for mercy.
    The days are already getting….. shorter…


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