Trump wants to give all Americans school choice

As I wrote earlier, the real culprits for systemic racism is the teacher’s union chiefs, not the rank and file members.

While the union heads profess to be for the children, they have thwarted any effort for school choice or initiatives to help disadvantaged communities with better educational options like charter schools, school credits or alternative education programs.

Pushing further on that President Trump stated Tuesday at a rally in North Carolina that in his second term he would get school choice passed for all Americans.

As I’ve pointed out, while only a minority of disadvantaged youths have interactions with the police in their communities, just about 100% of those same children and teens have to go through the public education system, which is run by the teacher’s union.

No principal or education chief can affect change when the union deems it unjust towards its goals. The union backs democratic politicians solely to keep the educational policies status quo.

Certainly school choice is not something either Joe Biden or the Democratic party can offer, since they are in bed together for years with the teacher’s union.

School choice is the best option to leveling the playing field for poorer communities and to give them a hand up to success in life. It’s not defunding education, it’s reallocating resources to get the best results for the students.

President Trump’s school choice initiative shows who really cares for all the students.


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