Teacher’s union is nails on a chalkboard for all children

I would like to suggest to Black Lives Matter organizers that if they wish to find the real culprits of systemic racism they should not focus on the police, because the real enemy is the United Federation of Teachers union.

While some minorities do have interactions resulting in negative consequences with the police, every child in poorer neighborhoods is subject to the UFT’s policies of no school choice and the condemning of charter schools.

I’m not speaking about rank and file members, who for the most part have the child’s best interest at heart and try their best to do the next right thing with little or no resources. I have written earlier that older teachers should be allowed to teach remotely while the children are in the classroom with an aide.

But it’s the UFT leadership that fights any type of educational offerings that could have a profound effect on lifting children out of poverty.

Any minority child who manages to graduate high school with a B average or better, without having a drug/alcohol problem or having a child, has a very good chance of getting into a college and doing well in life.

Look at the UFT’s demands for reopening schools in September. The union leadership wants the state and federal governments to defund the police as part of their back-to-work platform.

I thought it was about the kids? Why would the UFT take a stand on this? They want you to look at the police unions and not at them.

I believe New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the next week or so will decide to keep the school’s closed in the state citing it is not safe because of inadequate testing or the like. This will be his way of thwarting any type of increase in economic activity, which could help President Trump in Nov.

On Monday 200 or so UFT members marched in lower Manhattan carrying fake coffins and a mock guillotine from union headquarters to the NYC Board of Education offices protesting (there’s that word again) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s school reopening plans.

Hey Governor Cuomo, you want to Re-imagine NY, let’s give all parents school choice. It’s the most fair way to say all children matter.

Ah, but the UFT’s political contributions will not allow that.

Nails on a chalkboard.


4 thoughts on “Teacher’s union is nails on a chalkboard for all children

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