NY Times taxes credulity on Trump’s returns

The New York Times on Sunday spent 10,000 words to tell us President Trump — like most billionaires — don’t pay much in taxes.

I am shocked by that revelation. Oh and by the way, there was no smoking gun in the tax returns. No Russian money. No Ukrainian money. No Chinese money.

No those revelations came from the Senate panel release of Hunter Biden’s financial records while his father was Vice President last week.

Trump has said he will release his tax returns as soon as a long-running IRS audit is concluded. The president also said the report is “fake news” and not correct.

“It’s fake news. It’s totally fake news,” Trump said.  “Made up. Fake.”

Here’s a news tip for the Times. Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos from Amazon probably don’t pay their fair share in taxes as well.

Given the Times biases against the Trump administration, I would take this story with a large grain of salt given this assessment in the story.

“In the end the financial picture for Mr. Trump is fraught” and that “as he approaches one of the most consequential elections in American history — down in most polls, under I.R.S. audit and heavily in debt — his businesses may not be well equipped to navigate what lies ahead.”

Gee I wonder why President Trump donates his entire salary to under-funded federal programs if he is in such dire straits financially.


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