Trump checkmates left with Amy Coney Barrett

Is this the 4-D chess I have heard President Trump likes to play?

I believe the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett for the Associate Justice on the Supreme Court replacing Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the latest example of his complicated gamesmanship.

Trump is looking at the suburban mothers as being a group he needs to reach. ACB’s head shot could be in the dictionary under the definition of a suburban mom.

Bring on the Senate confirmation hearing ten days before the election so the country can see Democrats aggressively questioning her on her devout Catholic faith, adopting two Haitian children and conservatism.

Not sure how well the democrats plan will play out in the bedroom communities across America, which are already under fear of riotous attacks coming to their streets.

There have been plenty of threats of further riots and violence on social media should ACB be voted onto the court. She has also been victimized on social media with racist vitriol.

Ibram X. Kendi, a Boston University professor, tweeted, ACB a “white colonizer” who uses her two adopted Haitian children as “props.” Of course Kendi has not been disciplined for his harsh words.

It appears from this vantage point President Trump is setting up a checkmate for one of his October surprises.

A quick side note on the Presidential debate tonight. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced he had contacted the Covid-19 virus.

Northam met with Joe Biden recently. Will this be used as a late afternoon excuse to postpone the debate?

Stay tuned.


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