No one including America won the presidential debate

It’s debatable if anyone changed their vote by witnessing last night’s presidential screamfest.

President Trump and ex-Vice President Joe Biden’s slugfest solidified their repected base, yet probably left the rest scratching their heads.

It was clear early on that the partisan Chris Wallace saw his role as more referee than moderator, often filling in Biden’s verbal gaps and restraining Trump from landing solid jabs. Wallace said nothing when Biden told POTUS to “shut up” or called him “a clown”, yet Trump only used facts to chastise the ex-Veep’s record.

Wallace’s questions on California wildfires being fueled by climate change was a prime example of his partisan bent. Trump answered correctly that forest management was the driving force. Yet Wallace had to chide Trump with a follow up that brought climate change up again.

If it’s climate change as the main driver why are no Republican-controlled states that manage their forests burning? Texas has more forests than California and has no fires. So it must be micro-climate control.

Wallace brought up Trump’s banning of critical race theory, which begins with the premise that all white Americans are inherently racists, but Wallace labeled it that the President was banning racial sensitivity training.

Wallace also tried to equate the Proud Boys with Antifa. If you are scoring at home the Proud Boys started no fires or looted any city in America, yet he asked Trump if he would disavow them and tell them to stand down.

Biden did not answer what his thoughts were on Antifa, he only said Antifa was a theory, not an organized operation. Tell that to the people of Portland, Seattle and New York City, who theoretically lost life, limb and property.

Was Trump over the top on occasion? Yes, but I saw at times it was more like 2 on 1. Wallace at one point said to the president, “Do you want to switch spots?”

Listen, if the moderator of the debates gets headlines afterward, he or she did not do their job well.

Lastly, if Biden would have answered questions about his stance on law and order and Antifa and not be so disillusioned that he believed Trump was bringing up his dead son Beau and not Hunter for his underhanded dealings with Russia, China, Ukraine and other questionable countries.

No President Trump didn’t do himself well, I would admit. But Biden did not show any undecided voters that he can be the change they may be looking for now.

I’ll call the debate a draw, because no one — including America –really won on Tuesday night.


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