Left’s reaction to POTUS, FLOTUS Covid-19 news is abominable

Well the only news of the day is that President Trump and The First Lady have tested positive for Covid-19.

What is so shocking is the social media reaction on the left, with many deranged response celebrating the news and wishing for a dreadful outcome.

I will not cite them here, but if you scroll down Twitter feed on the president’s tweet you will see how vile these people are with many hoping for his death.

Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Grassley, who are the first three people in the line of presidential succession were probably notified and asked to take extra safety measures.

Early Friday morning The White House stated that Pence and his wife tested negative for Covid-19.

While there is no need at this time to bring up the 25th Amendment, the succession plan and its mechanism are in place should the need arise.

The White House medical team believes the president will be able to carry out all his duties while quarantining for two weeks.

As another precaution, military assets were deployed on the presidential announcement. Nuclear command aircraft were deployed along both coasts and remain airborne as a signal to foreign countries not to use this event for any nefarious actions.

On Wall Street equity futures fell hard after the announcement, but have pared those losses this early morning trading. Ironically, the dollar is stronger in currency markets.


1 thought on “Left’s reaction to POTUS, FLOTUS Covid-19 news is abominable

  1. My immediate reaction was a smile>>>>>all a part of The Plan??? What a “smart” virus this is that can be used for political purposes by either “side”!!! Here in NYS one must wear a mask upon entering a restaurant, but the virus is smart enough to know not to spread when you take it off to eat??? HUH????? I would say the First Couple is due a vacation….for sure!!! 😉


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