Undebatable that Veep sweeps up

The Vice Presidential Debate on Wednesday night could not have laid out the differences more clearly between the two campaigns.

Democrat Kamala Harris said proudly that she and Joe Biden would raise taxes by rolling back President Trump’s tax cuts and would push for a no monetary bail for serious crimes. This may be the strangest event to happen in 2020.

How does a party make these two issues important planks in their campaign? The Biden campaign does not elaborate any further on its tax plans, but to say it will repeal the Trump tax cuts. I personally had my taxes cut three percentage points under Trump’s plan.

If Biden/Harris were only raising taxes on people making more than $400,000, then why not say you are changing the tax code on the rich? But when you say repeal the Trump tax code, that tells me you are going after me and many other Americans still suffering through the Covid-19 economic shut down.

Given what America has experienced this spring and summer with rioting, looting and killings, do we really need bail reform? How many people charged with a felony were released hours later with a desk appearance ticket only to be rearrested soon after on another felony charge?

If that’s the hill you wish to die on Biden/Harris, well I wish you well. I don’t believe that dog hunts in most of the United States.

Overall I believe Vice President Mike Pence was able to show the Biden/Harris ticket is walking away, again, from the Sen. Bernie Sanders crowd, while at the same time alienating centrist Democrats.

The campaign says the Green New Deal is an important structure of its environmental program on its website, yet both candidates say they are not for it. Same with fracking. They were against it until they are for it.

In Harris’s home state of California they cannot keep the lights on for many of the residents during warm weather due to draconian environmental regulations. Ah but you can always read at night from the light of the forest fires coming over the next hill.

The Biden/Harris campaign’s lack of law and order will have many urban residents, who consider themselves moderates, thinking they do not need to see another riotous bout due to lax policing policies and bail reforms.

One quick aside on the debate. The moderator Susan Page from USA Today, who was anything but moderate, told the nation that no one knew the topics or questions beforehand.

And yet in the clip below Harris seems to know what the next topic is before it was announced. Page states that Pence’s answer make a great segue and Harris says “great segue” before Page says “to the economy.”

It’s curious and I hope you can play it below. If not click on the link.



2 thoughts on “Undebatable that Veep sweeps up

  1. The Dem campaign is playing to a mind controlled audience, not wide awake moderate sane people. The controlled media is running a fake paradigm in which their claim on sane pathways forward out of Trump ‘madness’ makes blinkered votable sense.

    On the other side of the situation, people who know, know. The rest are being denied access to the counter argument to the above. It’s a bit naive to assume common sense will win the day.

    The vast majority of the population still have no idea what Obamagate is or how real people trafficking is. Not only that, because of the blanket censorship, they are not going to know about it this side of the election, they don’t read Q drops. Add to that the ballot harvesting.

    A.G.Barr can unveil anything he likes, but if a tree falls in the forest and nobody saw it fall, did it really fall. Black magic tips everything on it’s head. It might do more good to know how to break a spell than how to win a sane logical political argument.

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  2. oh!, as soon as I wrote that, I found this James O’Keefe video in a public shareable cyber location actually doing something about breaking the spell. . . .link, link, link and share quickly before even this video gets memory holed.

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