Hochul’s voters are in an abusive relationship

What did we learn about New Yorkers who vote on Tuesday?

Well they are in favor of rampant crime in the city.

They are OK with unsafe subways.

They don’t mind human feces on the streets of Midtown.

They prefer to see homeless people not being attended to in any meaningful way.

And they do not want to have harden criminals held accountable for their crimes.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when dissecting the reasons for Kathy Hochul’s victory over Lee Zeldin.

We can’t blame upstate voters for this result. No this election was won or lost in NYC.

I’m sure most of Hochul’s NYC votes came from people who don’t commute into Manhattan and do not have to put up with the decent of Midtown.

I know this vote was a lot closer than the result, simply because Hochul dragged out the big Liberal guns in the closing days. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris to name a few progressives that stumped for her over the last weekend.

To say I am disappointed with my fellow New Yorkers is an understatement. But then I have zero in common with the traditional Democratic voter, who was bused from public housing projects to vote for Hochul.

Not sure how a Republican can reach these people who live in abject squalor with no utilities or elevator service, but still vote for the overlords that put them in these conditions.

These voters are in an abusive relationship with the Democratic party and there is not remedy for that it seems.

Four more years of this is something I really don’t want to face. Maybe I should take Hochul’s advice and “get on a bus and move to Florida.”