We have nothing to fear but Cuomo himself

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should read up on his democratic playbook before chastising President Trump over is Covid-19 infection.

In that book you will see Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F Kennedy both say “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Yet Cuomo came out on Tuesday and declared that Trump was doing a disservice to the country when he said don’t worry about Covid-19. Cuomo said that Trump’s bravado saying we can overcome the virus is a false statement and that we should be afraid of the virus.

He then cited the number of deaths in the US without mentioning his state leads the nation in fatalities because of his decision to put sick patients in nursing homes.

Cuomo’s words could not be more ingenuous since just prior to his statements on President Trump he announced the closing of schools and cutting back on people’s ability to attend houses of worship in large areas of New York City yet again.

This is not leadership it is pandering to weaken our defense system in the Constitution and kowtow to government.

What Trump was telling people is that this virus should not take away our liberties. We can get through this and still be able to go to our houses of worship and election centers if we take some precautions.

The question you have to ask is why does the Democratic party want us to be weak and fearful?

They see that as a possible winning formula for the Nov. elections. It gives them talking points on why Joe Biden is hidin’ and under a lid most days.

President Trump is living up to the words of these two former presidents and telling Americans do not fear this virus. Don’t let it take away your liberties and freedoms. Be the brave Americans who fought in world wars or put a man on the moon.

That’s America and that’s what being American is all about.


1 thought on “We have nothing to fear but Cuomo himself

  1. Great point, Michael!! We all have to leave these “meatsuits” at some point, so why bother living in fear 24/7 until we do??!!! Enough already, I would say we are clearly aware of who our REAL enemies are now!!! The Shifting Point has arrived & hopefully we 3.5% can carry the load so we can move into The New Beginning!!! 😉

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