Gov. Cuomo’s new Trump conspiracy theory

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has his own conspiracy theory.

In a Sunday telephone press conference Cuomo alleged that President Trump’s campaign was behind the Orthodox Jewish protests over the additional lock downs in New York City.

Cuomo played a robo call from protest organizer Heshy Tischler saying he spoke with the Trump campaign in regards to having last week’s demonstrations in Orthodox neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens.

Cuomo also called for the arrest of Tischler, which was executed by NYPD Sunday night. While many protesters arrested over the last five months were released without bail being posted, Tischler was held overnight before seeing a judge Monday morning.

Tischler was arrested at his house in Borough Park and was charged with unlawful imprisonment and inciting a riot, according to NYPD. The charges are linked to the assault of an Orthodox journalist last week while reporting on the protests.

Tischler is heard on the robo call asking protestors to make signs stating Cuomo killed thousands with his directive to put Covid-19 infected patients in nursing homes.

The White House had no comment on Cuomo’s conspiracy theory.


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