Dems seem to be paging Dr. Coney Bennett

I tuned into the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing Monday on Amy Coney Barrett nomination to The Supreme Court.

Each Democratic senator must have scoured their state to find the most heart wrenching  medical patient to present their cases at the opening day of Barrett’s hearing got to the point where I thought she was nominated to become the new Surgeon General.

The Democratic lawmakers believe that a Justice Barrett would strike down ObamaCare in Nov. as a new case will be heard by the high court. Many legal scholars find little truth that this upcoming case will result in ObamaCare being deemed unconstitutional given the facts of the suit brought by three states.

Perhaps the lawmakers should look to improve medical coverage with a new law and not rely on judges to write policy from the bench, which is the real reason the left opposes Barrett. The nominee is steadfast against judges legislating from the bench.

The number of times I heard the Covid-19 statistics extolled by the Democratic lawmakers to somehow state this is a justified predicate for them not to do what The Constitution tells them they must do was astounding. Tell that to the millions of Americans who have worked the last six months under far worse circumstances during the pandemic.

Barrett may have a doctorate, however it is not in medicine. Let’s hope the Democrats explore her legal thoughts and opinions over the next two days and not continue this hysterical theatrics over ObamaCare and Covid-19 protocols.


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