Biden’s poll numbers are truly unbelievable, really unbelievable

How can the newest presidential polls be accurate?

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden is said to be up 17 percentage points against President Trump in the latest poll released by Opinium and Guardian US.

These pollsters must be taking the pulse of professors on college campuses, as one pundit put it. How in the word can you take these polls as anything more serious than the McDonald’s ad that says the Big Mac is more popular than the Whopper?

Look at the crowds at the campaigns. Biden had no one show up in Nevada on Monday and had a larger crowd of Trump supporters at his latest “rally” meanwhile the President draws huge throngs in the pivotal states like Pennsylvania and Florida.

The mainstream media in conjunction with left leaning polling organizations are trying to build support for Biden anyway they can, including releasing bias reports of voters who may not even be likely voters.

I’m not in the prediction business per say, but I know these polls are as far off as the 2016 presidential campaign stats stated. This is not to say that a Trump victory is assured, but do not take these polls as meaning a Biden victory either.

There are also many down ballot Republican votes that matter much in this election.

Think about who shut down your town or city during Covid-19. Think about the elected officials who closed down businesses that you frequented. Think about the Democratic-controlled House of Representative who tried numerous time to get rid of the president on false premises.

No you really have to go all the way down the ballot on the Republican line, because it’s 2020 and you do not know what elected official including Dog Catcher can screw you next.


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