By putting a lid on until Thursday it verifies Biden laptop story

Here’s all you need to know to prove that the Hunter Biden laptop story is true. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Bide will not be doing any press until Thursday at the earliest, according the campaign.

That’s incredible given that the election is only 15 days away.

Yet no mainstream media are willing to cover the New York Post’s exclusive laptop story. The New York Times and Washington Post cite the story as being “unverified” and ignore it.

These are the same media outlets that ran truly unverified stories on Russian collusion and quid pro quo Ukrainian stories for three years. It’s disgusting the level of deception these outlets will stoop to.

President Trump had this to say on Twitter on Sunday:

As I wrote on Saturday, how can America vote for a candidate who could be a national security risk, since the emails on Hunter’s computer show Joe Biden receiving payments from both Russian and Chinese nationals?

So Joe Biden has put a lid on the campaign until Thursday. That tells me all I need to know. The laptop story is verified.


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