DNC mulls nixing Biden over Hunter’s laptop scandal

The Democratic National Committee is scrambling Monday afternoon to decide whether they will remove Joe Biden from the ticket, two sources tell Gray’s Economy.

The fallout from Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal is too damning — with far more revelations coming very soon — for the DNC to consider going forward with a Biden/Harris slate.

The DNC will give health concerns as the reason for the change.

The main contention for the DNC is what happens to all the votes already cast for Biden in early and mail-in balloting?

While I am not a constitutional scholar, the replacement at this time of Joe Biden with say Hillary Clinton at the top — which my sources say is the most likely choice — certainly would make those ballots already cast null and void.

The DNC does not desire to wait until after the election, since that would put Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris as president, according to provisions of the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution.

It is believed that the change could come as early as Tuesday, according to my sources.

As I wrote earlier today, the Biden camp put a lid on all media contact until after this week’s planned debate. Harris has been in a self-imposed Covid-19 lock down since late last week after two staffers tested positive.

Stay tuned. More to come. Here is a link to my follow up story published Tuesday morning.


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