No debate about Trump’s performance


Thursday night’s  presidential debate showed the nation that four more years of leadership under President Trump can be glorious.

Trump was measured and composed — unlike the first debate — and told the American people how he will Make America Great Again.

He laid out in great detail his plans for re-opening the economy  and moving the country forward.

He raised the question of Hunter Biden’s laptop to try to get through to the America people how bad the situation was with the corrupt Obama/Biden administration since the media and Silicon Valley wish to ignore it.

Trump invited Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski, who blew the whistle on Joe Biden knowingly collecting money from Hunter’s overseas deals with China, Russia and Ukraine.

Not surprising the audience was in complete darkness so no one could see Bobulinski or anyone else for that matter.

Joe Biden in response to the charge of profiting on his son’s “business” activities trotted out the now debunked excuse that 50 intelligence officials believe it is a Russia disinformation campaign, which top intelligence officials including Office of National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe and the FBI have discredited.

Kristen Welker was the best moderator of the three debates, yet she clearly had her biases by cutting off President Trump when he raised the Chinese/Russian troubles facing Joe Biden.

Overall I believe Trump swayed any viewers who may have been sitting on the fence in this election. His demeanor and mentioning that the Biden/Harris policies will hurt this economy can be summed up in one sentence.

“There are businesses that are dying, Joe, you can’t do that to people,” Trump said of Biden’s plan on not re-opening the economy right away because of Covid-19.

It’s not debatable who won this match up.


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