Will “The Big Guy” become the fall guy?

Let’s get ready to fuuuuuumble.

Startling new revelations came to light on the eve of the final presidential election Wednesday.

Tony Bobulinski, who describes himself as a former business partner with Joe, Hunter and Jim Biden, confirmed Wednesday night that the Biden family conspired with a Chinese Communist firm to reap millions in illegal gains. Jim Biden is Joe’s brother.

Bobulinski also confirmed he was on the email published by The New York Post that mentioned “the big guy”. This email laid out the divvying up of cash from the deal with Joe “the big guy” Biden getting 10% cut.

On Wednesday I wrote of two other Hunter Biden business associates who have been talking to federal authorities. Bevan Cooney has been moved from his Oregon prison to another facility to be closer to investigators and Devon Archer had his fraud conviction reinstated recently and has been talking to investigators as well.

As these bombshells are uncovered, it becomes very clear that Joe Biden was less than truthful when he says he knew nothing of Hunter’s business relationships with China, Russia and Ukraine while he was President Obama’s Veep.

Could there be a positive test for Covid-19 in Joe’s immediate future in order to cancel Thursday night’s debate? That would not surprise me in the least.


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