T-minus one week. Buckle up for a wild ride

Going into the final week of the presidential campaign the US has two candidates that could not be more different in style, character and possessing the moral high ground.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter has a former business associate swearing in testimony that the ex-Veep knew plenty about his son’s business dealings with foreign enemies of the US.

Tony Bobulinski told DOJ and FBI investigators last week he had first-hand knowledge and evidence from his own emails and messages that “the big guy” referred to in communications with a communist Chinese firm with ties to the government was Joe Biden and that he was to get a 10% cut on the deal.

And yet “60 Minutes” over the weekend called this evidence “unverified” despite having the receipt with Hunter Biden’s signature on it for the repair of the laptop from Hell.

As I wrote yesterday, Hunter Biden is a sick person having inner battles with addictions. He needs a lot help, however his father put him in a bad place by using him as his bag man.

Let’s not forget the FBI some four years ago were looking to bring treason charges against Donald Trump, Jr. for a meeting with Russians. As most charges levied by the Democrats against Trump the left charged him with the same illegal activities they in fact committed.

Meanwhile President Trump using his best trolling techniques had the newest Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett confirmed by the Senate and sworn in on Hillary Clinton’s birthday by Justice Clarence Thomas, who sparred with Joe Biden during his Senate conformation hearings.

Here’s a quick run down of what President Trump accomplished since winning the election.

  • Brokered four Middle East peace accords.
  • Has not started a foreign war. That was last achieved by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • Lowest minority unemployment rates in history before Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Record highs in the stock market.
  • Big middle-class tax cuts.

This next week should be very eventful. Buckle up for a wild ride.


1 thought on “T-minus one week. Buckle up for a wild ride

  1. A Dear Friend of mine sent this message, “Buckle up Star Sisters….All Hell is going to break loose!” This friend is in a position to have more details about what is really going on!!

    Hip, Hip, Hoorah for Judge Amy!!!! 😉

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