This election could have dire consequences

According to a survey of cross-country truckers surveying lawn signs, Joe Biden should come in third in the election just behind yard sale. LOL

Given the continuing riots in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC, is it any wonder why President Trump will win next Tuesday or sometime in late Dec. when the Supreme Court rules accordingly?

I was in Manhattan Monday night and witnessed the plight of businesses. Shuttered storefronts with “For Lease” or “For Rent” signs were not the exception, but more the rule while I was walking around.

I have a strong feeling that New York state will go red this year. How can you live in the city and support Democratic thoughts like defund the police, which allow rioters to take over your neighborhood? Closing down your grocery stores and other small businesses so important to the neighborhood under the guise of “it’s just property”.

Seeing all the potentially devastated lives caused by these businesses being shut down, do the citizens really want to live under a Democratic mayor, governor and president?

I understand hate can be a prime motivator for action, however you are talking about your quality of life here. Will you survive 2021 under this hat trick leadership?

I believe that’s the question you have to ask before entering your ballot.


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