FBI chief Wray may be tied to Hunter’s laptop

Reports out of Washington, DC suggest the reason the FBI may have sat on the Hunter Biden laptop for a year is a result of its director being involved in a Russian deal brokered by Joe Biden’s son.

Prior to becoming FBI Director Christopher Wray represented the Russian energy company Rosneft while working at Spalding & King, a Washington DC law firm.

Details of the deal were discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop to sell a 14% stake in Rosneft to the Chinese communist party connected company, which the Biden family brokered to avoid US sanctions.

The Delaware computer repair shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, tried to give the laptop to the FBI last summer according to his lawyer, Brian Della Rocca.

Isaac’s father — a retired Air Force colonel — contacted the FBI at its Albuquerque, N.M. office last summer, but the agents were not interested, according to Della Rocca.

During the lead up to President Trump’s impeachment, the FBI contacted the younger Isaac in Delaware to interview him. In Nov. 2019 the FBI seized the laptop, Della Rocca added.

A Justice Department official confirmed Thursday that there is an active federal investigation into the laptop and its connections to the Biden family.


1 thought on “FBI chief Wray may be tied to Hunter’s laptop

  1. Politics and administration must be separated. These top level appointees arrive completely corrupted before their first day as appointee in posts like head of the FBI.
    We cannot expect these people like Wray to not defend themselves within their capabilities which are considerable as appointed head of the FBI.
    These people like Comey and Wray likely see themselves as very sophisticated to be able to look in a mirror but are so corrupted they are almost inert. Barr, Durham, and others are all in the same category engaged in a protection racket now so broad the streets are becoming increasingly unsafe for individuals and corporations.
    Mutual protection rackets tend to grow ever larger until the collapse as much by gravity as any effects of law enforcement.

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