Feds build a wall, this time around the White House

The White House is building a wall.

This is what America has come to in 2020. Federal agents are building a wall around the White House and Lafayette Square in anticipation of rioting after Tuesday’s election. Also 250 National Guardsman have been assigned to the capital to help Secret Service officers secure the president.

The fact that the White House has to be defended against attacks by Anitfa and its associated groups after a presidential election suggests we are living in a third-world country.

The left suggests that President Trump will not abide by the peaceful transfer of power, however the radicals in the Democratic party are threatening to storm the White House if Trump wins.

How close are we to having the United Nations monitoring our elections? 2020 can’t end soon enough.

On Friday we staged a car rally in New York City. It was estimated to be 10 miles long with over 1,500 cars. Nassau County police and NYPD were more than helpful with logistics.

The number of people on the streets cheering the caravan was also quite impressive. Holding signs and flags supporting President Trump.

I believe New York state is in play for President Trump since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have destroyed the city with their draconian responses to Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter riots.

Today, Manhattan has boarded up again as Election Day approaches. No Christmas decorated windows this year for Macy’s or Saks Fifth Ave. No it will be wood on the windows.

I’m sorry Virginia there is no Santa Claus this year. It’s so sad.


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