In the end Trump wins by a landslide

We are nowhere near the end of the presidential election for 2020, but I will say this about the final number. President Trump will win 40 states and in the end it will be a landslide.

Judging from the votes cast for Republicans down ballot in states lost by Trump it appears there was — let’s call it interference — at the top of the ballot. Take New Hampshire as an example.

The “Live Free Or Die” state voted in a Republican Governor, a Republican senator and Republican house members but went for Joe Biden for president. Not sure New Hampshirites are that much for divided government.

I believe Michigan will fall into the same category as New Hampshire as the race is too tight, but a lawsuit filed Tuesday by the Trump campaign seeks to disallow hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots in the western part of the state. Georgia will also fall into this category.

As I wrote on Tuesday about all the questions raised by this presidential election, no presidential candidate has won Ohio and Florida, which Trump did, and lost the overall election.

A forensic study of the election results released Tuesday shows that perhaps as many as 3.8 million votes in key swing states may have been changed by the Dominion Voting System, which has been alleged to be the guilty party in stealing this election.

While President Trump received more votes than any other Republican candidate in history, if the 3.8 million number is only half right, then Trump wins in a landslide.

To me this makes far more sense. Do you really think Biden received more votes than President Obama? I do not think Biden had any kind of mandate from America, even if many hated Trump that much.

It’s still early, but this election will — in the end — call Trump the winner in a landslide.

Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service.


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