Why no Trump votes are being investigated

Riddle me this. We are one week out from Election Day and not one ballot cast for President Trump has been questioned as being illegitimate, yet there could be hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe Biden that have raised concerns in many battleground states.

Why would the Democratic Secretary of State for Pennsylvania, Kathy Boockvar, defy the state’s Supreme Court ruling and require Associate Justice to the US Supreme Court Samuel Alito to demand that late ballots be keep separated? Accepting late ballots goes directly against the state’s Constitution.

How is it that every state that had a computer glitch at 4AM last Wednesday morning with the Dominion Voting System saw President Trump lose votes and Joe Biden gain votes?

Why did so many swing states stop the counting on Wednesday morning? Poll workers know it is a late night.

How many sworn affidavits of voter rights being violated will it take to spark a widespread probe? 

Why did the phrase “curing a ballot” enter the lexicon recently? Have a look at the hashtag maidengate.

Why did the Department of Justice official who is in charge of voting integrity step down immediately Monday after Attorney General Bill Barr requested a probe into voting fraud allegations?

How is it that only Republican poll watchers were denied access to monitor vote counting?

Why were there so many Biden tallies in swing states that never voted in another race down ballot? How did the Biden/Harris campaign lock up the deceased voter demographic?

How is Pennsylvania not a toss-up state now? Why was Arizona called for Biden by Fox News right after the polls closed when the state has voted Republican for in the past three president elections?

Why did mainstream media not call Trump a winner in North Carolina and Alaska?

I believe the answers to all these questions will be answered in due time. As I wrote yesterday, forty days from Election Day will be biblical. Transparent recounts will prevail.

Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Why no Trump votes are being investigated

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