Voter fraud and Covid-19 relief get voiced in DC

As the snow piles up here in New York City, events are heating up in Washington DC.

While none of the three events I wrote about yesterday happen Wednesday, therefore I am no closer to conceding the 2020 Presidential election.

However, National Intelligence John Ratcliffe did tell CBS News that, “there was foreign election interference by China, Iran, and Russia in November of this year [2020].”

This quote is in reference to the report on foreign interference in the 2020 election he needs to produce to comply with the Executive Order signed by Trump on September 12, 2018. His report is to be on Trump’s desk by this Friday.

Sources say Trump got a preview of the report last Saturday when he and Ratcliffe traveled together to attend the Army-Navy football game at West Point.

Also in DC on Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul used the strongest language on voter fraud in the presidential election so far stating that fraud happened and that the election was “in many ways stolen.”

“The fraud happened,” the Kentucky Republican said during a Wednesday Senate hearing. “The election in many ways was stolen, and the only way it’ll be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws.”

“We can’t just say, ‘It didn’t happen,’” Paul said about fraud allegations across the country. “We can’t just say, ‘Oh, 4,000 people voted in Nevada that were non-citizens, and we’re just going to ignore it,’” the Washington Examiner reported.

On another event that did not happen Wednesday, the Covid-19 relief bill was not pushed through. However, Fed chief Jerome Powell chastised Congress for not providing Americans with monetary relief.

“Now that we can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel [vaccines], it would be bad to see people losing their business, their life’s work, even generations’ worth of work.”

Powell said now is not the time to worry about escalating national debt.

“From my way of thinking the time to focus on that [debt] is when the economy is strong, unemployment is low and taxes are pouring in and there’s room to get on a sustainable path because the economy is doing well,” the Fed chairman said.


3 thoughts on “Voter fraud and Covid-19 relief get voiced in DC

  1. Again……”It ain’t over til The Fat Lady sings, & she hasn’t even cleared her throat, yet!!” Wish I knew who said that, but I don’t! 😉 Good thought, though!!

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  2. I don’t trust Legislators or Congress or even the Supreme Court at this point to do the right thing. Trump has power to invoke the military option now but that window is closing quickly. No way no how should he wait and trust in the courts after Biden takes the oath. Instead they will be issuing Trump’s arrest…

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