I’ll know the election is over when these three events happen

To all my commenters and readers who told me Tuesday that the Electoral College marked the end of the 2020 presidential election, I have some questions.

If — as you say — that the election is over, then why has Kamala Harris still not resigned her Senate seat? Perhaps the “title” Vice President-elect does not afford her any legal privileges or future security?

Perhaps there is a concern for a upcoming Senate vote that could occur between Jan. 6 and Jan. 20, 2021 after the Georgia runoff election?

Another point on the election being over. Where’s the Covid-19 relief package that has bi-partisan agreement that it has to be done before the Congressional Christmas break?

Surely that should be passed by both House and Senate if Joe Biden is President-elect, right Nancy Pelosi? You have played politics for too long on this aid, while Americans have died.

A study released Tuesday from Visual Capitalist showed that a third of the 17 million Americans behind on mortgage and rent payments face imminent foreclosure and/or eviction in the next two months after a eviction moratorium runs out at the end of the year.

Lastly, I want to read Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s report that covers foreign interference in the US election process, which is due on Friday. This report comes out an Executive Order signed by Trump on September 12, 2018.

Sources say Trump got a preview of the report last Saturday when he and Ratcliffe traveled together to attend the Army-Navy football game at West Point.

So if this election is one “to put it in the books”, I expect to see the following three events mentioned above to happen this week.

Let’s see what happens. 


3 thoughts on “I’ll know the election is over when these three events happen

  1. “It ain’t over til The Fat Lady sings, & she hasn’t even cleared her throat yet!” Can’t remember exactly who said that, but it surely applies to this situation!! Dream State is OVER & soon the Rubber is going to hit the Road in a way this American Public cannot imagine!!! We are taking out a System that has been in control for thousands of years & thankfully, we have a Leader who will see this through!!!

    PRAYER is still a powerful force…..The Best is yet to come!!! 😉

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  2. Pass it on… all patriots!

    OK…so…I’ve has some time to take this all in and relax…and remind myself that this is all part of the plan…

    Ya see, Trump HAD to lose all these court battles for public awareness, and in the SCOTUS to get the ball rolling. Trump even WARNED everybody and everything about the rampant #ElectionFraud that had happened during his speech that the MSM did not air. There were MANY key indicators in that speech and warnings Trump announced… which was basically “clean up your houses (states) and admit the election fraud”.

    Trump also needed news agencies to usher in the false narrative brought to you by the #FakeNews MSM. The MSM and “social media” will have nobody else to blame but themselves for what is about to happen! Remember when the MSM and social media PROMISED everyone a hillary victory?! This became the era of the liberal snowflake meltdown. Imagine what they will do when this whole thing goes 180 degrees to POTUS Trump…

    Although SCOTUS taking up the Texas case could have helped, they became too political and decided to let things play out, which will ultimately end up in Trump’s favor.

    There is a LOT going on right now and the media is fawning all over china joe…making you think that he won this election. Yes, he may be officially considered “President-elect” but that will be short lived. Trump has MANY aces up his sleeve. The Director of National Intelligence report concerning the elections is about to come out anytime now. John Ratcliffe (DNI) is about to drop a #MOAB on this whole thing by 12/18/20. Ratcliffe has been talking about this for weeks.. but people have not been listening… I’m talking about #EO13848… look it up. #EO13848 was not written for the next incoming President – it was written for TRUMP,

    Trump and his cabinet KNEW the dems would cheat their way into the highest office…they were blatantly BRAGGING about it for years… saying that they were going to “beat Trump at the polls”. China joe even admitted the cheating himself. Really now… 80 million people “voted” for biden.. c’mon man, do you really expect us to fall for that?! Especially when you only got 4000 people to watch your speech after the electors voted in their states??

    Well.. this is where it gets interesting… Attorney General Barr resigning… Once Ratcliffe drops the #EO13848 #MOAB… Barr can release the DOJ in regards to the election interference, and then fade off into the sunset. This will leave the new AG Jeff Rosen to follow the motions that were ALREADY put into place by AG Bill Barr. Many people don’t like Barr for whatever reason…but what he is doing now – by resigning – is patriotic! He gets to unleash the DOJ and get the ball rolling for the #Treason and indictments that are about to happen!! Barr HAS to be partisan, almost an IMPOSSIBLE job being an AG. Somebody is ALWAYS going to complain that the AG is taking sides. But once he sets this whole thing in motion, it will stay in motion… while he gets to walk away…

    Now, after the #EO13848 by the DNI is released.. is when we need to buckle up. Trump will need to start planning to unveil a LIMITED #InsurrectionAct. The dems already EXPOSED themselves by their anarchy and destruction over the past few months. We know EXACTLY where and what cities/locations to target the limited Insurrection act, which may have been the plan all along with all this #CivilUnrest.

    By Trump keeping the federal government out of these cities during their times of riots and crisis … we all watched EXACTLY what the state governments would do, which was NOTHING! The plan was genius… and the “BLM” and antifa fell right into the trap. These are the people who will “up rise” when we declare Trump POTUS again.. and Trump knows EXACLY where to send in the #NationalGuard and additional #Military forces to quash the anarchy!

    Now… here is where it gets interesting. The electors voting on 12/14/20 really means nothing.. most people don’t know that on January 6th (01/06/21) is when the electors votes are actually counted in-front of all Congress members and a POTUS is declared. What will be different THIS time.. is the contested states and all the FRAUD investigations that will be unveiled between 12/14/20 and 1/6/21, not to mention the #EO13848! People don’t know that states can CONTEST and OBJECT THEIR ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES under “title 3 chapter 1 section 15 US code” on 1/6/21!!

    The media would love for you to believe the presidential race has been officially decided on 12/14/20… but it is NOT. 1/6/21 is the key.

    On 1/6/21 all the states are called upon alphabetically by the President of the Senate (AKA VP Mike Pence) for the Electoral Count Act of 1877. Each time a state election certification is read out loud, VP Pence must call for any objections to the electoral votes. If an electoral vote objection is made, it must be submitted jointly in writing by a member of the House and a member of the Senate alongside an explanation of the relevant grounds (#MOAB / #EO13848), or else the objection may be rejected. When VP Pence starts through the state list, and gets to Arizona.. a CONTESTED state.. is when the sparks are going to start flying and the liberal meltdown begins…!!

    Arizona – The first of 7 states (AZ,PA, NV, MI, GA, WI, and now NM) that will have an electoral objection: The House and the Senate will split apart and for up to 2 hours or so, deliberate the merits of the AZ objection – enter in #EO13848 again from the DNI as proof of election interference!!

    After the deliberation, each chamber (both Senate and House) has a vote.. and how the House and Senate vote in that separate sessions determines the outcome of the objection. They are most likely NOT going to agree on the outcome – making the electoral votes null and void.

    Basically…The 11 AZ electoral votes (in this situation) will ultimately be removed from the full 538 electoral votes, bringing it down to 527 due to #EO13848…and additional #ElectionFraud shenanigans (remember the Georgia video, and ruby freeman?)!! In addition to AZ – PA, NV, MI, GA, WI, and NM will also be removed from the 538 votes…a total of 84 electoral votes – all of which went for biden.

    There will be no clear winner.. neither Trump NOR biden gets to the Constitutionally MANDATED 270 votes needed to win POTUS.

    With the 84 electoral votes removed – Trump has 232 votes / biden has 222 votes

    This is where the MAGIC happens!! Under the 12th Amendment to the Constitution!!

    Also Enter in the Contingent election process under 12th Amendment:
    President is voted in by the House
    VP is voted in by the Senate

    Because there is no clear POTUS victor – the decision is reverted back to the House of Representatives:
    “…if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having ONE VOTE…”

    This is where the genius of the beforementioned states comes in.. they all submitted 2 slates of electoral votes.. 1 slate for biden, and 1 slate for Trump! If two or more sets of electoral votes are received from a contested state and they both appear to be from slates of electors that are legitimate and valid, then the two chambers of Congress must jointly agree on which set conforms with state law… But.. if they do NOT agree… then Article 2, section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution comes into play… and each states executive/representative has to submit 1 vote PER STATE as mentioned before…because since they can’t call a 270 majority.. each state MUST cast their own single independent vote for POTUS/VP.

    ONE VOTE!!! Republicans hold a majority of the states 26, with the possibility of Iowa I believe making 27 states all voting for POTUS Trump!

    THIS…THIS…THIS… will make liberals heads LITERALLY EXPLODE.. and will require military intervention.. hence the #InsurrectionAct…to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion from the alt-left, socialists, “blm”, antifa thugs, and all actors foreign and domestic due to their riots and civil discourse.

    The dems aren’t going to know what hit them with this #Stealth #MOAB !

    The dems will go crying and whining to the SCOTUS.. but the SCOTUS already set a precedent by staying out of it… remember?! This Trump appointment already done LEGALLY through the US Constitution.. the same thing the dems degrade and go against daily…

    Many people will be investigated and may ultimately end up in prison for #treason. There are THOUSANDS of SEALED indictments.. many of deep state actors that committed crimes against our country.. that will be UNLEASHED once Trump resumes office in 2021. Why do you think so many people are out to get him??

    No to mention.. today 12/15/20.. there was a CLOSED DOOR Senate meeting on Department of Defense cyber operations. I wonder what the #EO13848 they are going to discuss??

    If you are near big cities… especially those that are democrat controlled… that ran rampant with lawlessness, riots, and anarchy.. stay vigil.. stand your ground.. respect the #Military and #InsurrectionAct.. take up arms with them as needed under your 2nd amendment rights to help fight for your country.. that is EXACTLY why you are given those rights in the first place!



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