My Christmas wish list for the American people and one personal note

Here is my Christmas wish list. It’s not very long, but I would like to see a few under my tree this year.

I would like a court any court including the Supreme Court to actually take a look at the evidence of voter fraud and not dismiss the cases because of a technicality. Don’t cite standing or some other small flaw in the filing as a means to dismiss. The American people need to know conclusively if their election was rigged for the future of the republic.

My second gift would be a special prosecutor to look into the Hunter Biden scandal. How deep was he in bed with the Chinese Communist party and did he offer access to top US government officials?

The third gift seems to be coming unwrapped already. President Trump should veto the Covid-19 relief bill. As I wrote yesterday it is full of pork and does not help the Americans who have suffered — through no fault of their own — during the various government lock downs.

And this one is for my stocking, I would hope President Trump pardons Julian Assange and Edwin Snowden so we can understand what these patriots were trying to tell us completely. Both had very important messages for the American people, but their words were swept under the rug by bad US government actors who accused them of being traitors to drown out their underlying information.

Lastly on a personal note, please don’t let me here Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne” recording this year. Not sure I can take it.


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