Is it Covid-19 aid relief bill or covert aid relief bill?

So both Houses of Congress passed the $2.3 trillion Omnibus spending bill Monday and passed it to The White House for signing.

As I wrote Monday, the almost 5,600 page bill contains more pork than any South Carolina farm and smells even worse.

The fact that this bill took more than six months to craft and then is attached to a government funding bill, which makes it veto-proof as the DC political leadership are warming up their private jets to get out of town, is a disgrace. And this is a bi-partisan indictment.

Not one member of Congress read the bill before voting on it. I’m sure they checked for their own piece of the pork pie, but there was no time as Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah tweeted late Monday night, “It’s 5,593 pages long. I know there are some good things in it. I’m equally confident that there are bad things in it.”

While some Americans (making less than $75,000) will receive a $600 check after Christmas, the amount of foreign aid is tremendous.

A few highlights on foreign aid:

  • $700 million to Sudan
  • $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan
  • $500 million to Israel
  • $1.3 billion to Egypt
  • $453 million to Ukraine

The $600 per man, woman and child will not make any American family whole who are behind on a mortgage or rent, but trust me there is plenty of spending in there for both sides of the aisle.

Thank heavens Dr. Anthony Fauci went to the North Pole to vaccinate Santa, because Christmas came early for the DC swamp and we are left holding the bag.


2 thoughts on “Is it Covid-19 aid relief bill or covert aid relief bill?

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  2. Excellent take on things, Michael!!! At least, FINALLY, the American Public is waking up to ALL The Pork we were never aware of before!! That’s a good thing!!


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