Thank God 2020 is now hindsight

Just about a year ago I wrote that 2020 would be a great year. Man was I wrong.

Since tonight I can say hindsight is 2020, I’m very happy to put this year in the history books.

The horror of 2020 will live with us for many years. The lost lives, businesses and way of life for so many due to Covid-19 and the draconian responses to it really have wrecked millions of Americans.

Enough with the past. I want to wish all my readers a wonderful New Years and a healthful and prosperous 2021.


2 thoughts on “Thank God 2020 is now hindsight

  1. Thanks, Michael…..Best Wishes to your family, as well!!! I think a Bright Spot to 2020 is that the underpinning of the Swamp System has been exposed…..IF…..people want to see it!!! 😉 Most Normies have had NO CLUE how deep the corruption runs & exactly who has been involved in selling out our country!!! I would say 2020 was a year to Wake Up!!! Hope we get full exposure on the Traitors!!

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