Don’t look for Pence to trump Electoral College vote

The fact that some Republicans, who still support President Trump, are counting on Vice President Mike Pence to change the election results on Jan. 6 is pure folly.

Texas Representative Louis Gohmert along with the alternative Republican Arizona Electoral College slate brought a federal suit on Monday in Eastern District of Texas after talks broke down between them and the Veep’s legal staff.

At issue is being labeled the “Jefferson tactic”. In the election of 1800 Jefferson as the sitting Vice President and therefore the President of the Senate allowed discredited Electoral College ballots from Georgia to be counted giving him and Aaron Burr the office of president and vice president respectfully.

As I wrote exclusively more than a year ago Pence’s wife Karen revealed that they received a note along with many of the former presidents and vice presidents in attendance at George Bush’s funeral in April 2019. What the notes contained is still unknown, but the reactions by the recipients was one of dread.

This Hail Mary suit — a reference to a final long pass play in football at the end of a game — has little merit and will not succeed in overturning the election despite the Jefferson precedent.


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