Who are the real fools on The Hill?

While not cordoning what transpired on Capitol Hill, what are the underlying circumstances that brought about Wednesday’s actions at the nation’s capital?

Eight months of lock downs by local and state governments over the Covid-19 pandemic, which closed down small businesses while allowing large corporate retailers to stay open.

Many months of TV coverage of riots in American cities where local politicians backed protestors over their own police departments. 

Six months of Congress sitting on their hands — while American suicides, overdoses, broken marriages and bankruptcies piled up — under the guise that there was no monetary relief from our representatives, when it fact it was pure partisan politics.

A presidential election where highly educated mathematicians say the results could not happen randomly. An election that is riddled with very questionable results in several key states, yet the media will not investigate. An election that 50 percent of Americans have little credibility in the results due to lack of transparency.

An election that was not investigated by the same FBI, who illegally tried to impeach President Trump during his first term over a phone call. An FBI that had Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year before the public learned about its nefarious contents. A Justice Department that named a special counsel over a fictitious Russian dossier.

As Christmas came and went this year, Congress granted us minions $600 despite Trump asking for $2,000. However in that same spending bill Congress sent hundreds of billions overseas for dubious programs.

Lastly these Americans have witnessed the highest court in the land refuse to examine the evidence of election fraud law suits by dismissing the case based on standing.

No, Wednesday was not a day where America was the shining beacon on the hill, but it did not start yesterday. This anger and frustration has been building for almost a  year.

Wednesday may be the most apt conclusion to 2020. 


1 thought on “Who are the real fools on The Hill?

  1. Saw a video of a man showing how the Ant People arrived with a police escort in 3 busses!! Pretty sad state of affairs when the Mayor of D.C. does things to impede a peaceful gathering!!! Let’s round these people up for the traitors they are!!!

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