Ratcliffe to provide the ammo for today’s MOAB

As I wrote four hours earlier Wednesday is already biblical since it is the Feast of Epiphany.

President Trump will address the American people and the Stop The Steal crowds at The Ellipse at The President’s Park just prior to Vice President Mike Pence gaveling in the joint-session of Congress to tabulate the Electoral College votes.

I believe Trump will lay out the findings of international interference in the 2020 presidential election from the report by Director of National Intelligence chief John Ratcliffe.

It would not surprise me if every member of Congress found this report sitting on their desk this morning. If the members can only have two hours to read a 5,000 + page budget bill, then this report will layout in an easy to read summary all the violations committed by friends and foes, both foreign and domestic showing plenty of receipts to back up the claims in the form of sworn testimonies and documents.

While earlier I thought Special Counsel John Durham would unseal some FISA-related warrants, I do not believe now that those would be tied to the task at hand, which is to prove election fraud.

The reports out of Italy overnight confirm what Radcliffe’s report will include that one man ā€” a recently retired CIA officer Stephan Serafini ā€” allegedly coordinated with Italian Gen. Claudio Grazziana, who sits on the board of Italian military contractor Leonardo SPA , to use Leonardo’s military satellite to upload the software and change the votes from Trump to Biden on servers in Frankfurt, Germany. This operation was conducted in the US embassy in Rome.

As I stated earlier, these revelations will give Pence the fortitude to push all disputed states that submitted competing slate of electors back to their respectful state legislatures to adjudicate.

And again that’s when the fun starts.


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