President Trump’s lawyer targeted after impeachment win

As Americans celebrate President’s Day today, perhaps as many as 75 million followers are feting President Trump’s impeachment acquittal on Saturday.

However, one of former President Trump’s defense attorneys during the Senate impeachment trial, Michael van der Veen had his house vandalized and received scores of death threats.

“My home was attacked. I’d rather not go into it because it would encourage other people to do it more, but you know, I’ve had nearly 100 death threats,” van der Veen told reporters over the weekend.  

Local police say they have not suspects at this time.

Van der Veen’s suburban Philadelphia home was targeted by protestors who wrote “traitor” on his driveway. The staunch defense lawyer took apart the Democratic House Managers’ case while also citing numerous manufactured pieces of evidence brought out in the trial.

I would think Governor Andrew Cuomo will use this holiday as a day off from his usual Monday press conferences after allegations that his administration hid the real number of Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes in New York were revealed late last week.


2 thoughts on “President Trump’s lawyer targeted after impeachment win

  1. Several weeks ago my next door neighbor had their Trump banner stolen off their house, and “traitors” spray painted in large black letters on their garage door (Trump signs on multiple lawns had been stolen previously). Fortunately they had a camera right above the door and caught the whole thing on film. It looked like a neighbor’s 28 year old son (plus the minor detail that the perp came over twice in 10 minutes from the neighbor’s house’s direction). Police were a bit apathetic about it, but when the father was shown the video, the son fessed up. My neighbor pressed charges. Good for them. It’s a misdemeanor, but in my mind a hate crime no less offensive and reprehensible than a racist/ethnic slur. Sadly some are far from accepting other peoples’ individuality. I don’t suppose I need to be more specific than that.

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