Cuomo covered up NY’s Covid-19 nursing home deaths, says top aide

My apologies to my readers. It took me most of the day Thursday to get my computer back working. It appears all is well now.

On Thursday it was reported that a top aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted to fellow state Democrats that they falsified the number of Covid-19 nursing home deaths due to fear President Trump would use it as a political point in his campaign.

Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa is quoted as telling lawmakers: “[Trump] starts tweeting that we killed everyone in nursing homes. He starts going after [New Jersey Gov. Phil] Murphy, starts going after [California Gov. Gavin] Newsom, starts going after [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer,” according to The New York Post report.

On Wednesday in his press conference Cuomo constantly cited vaccine hesitancy in poorer communities due to distrust in Trump’s federal agencies. He had leaders in these communities including Al Sharpton (sorry I do not use the honorific unless it’s earned)  bashing Trump while paying homage to his response.

Cuomo bashed Trump, who initiated a program that came up with a vaccine quicker than was ever thought, while neglecting to mention his administration’s botched nursing home program last year as being a huge contributor to this distrust in a vaccine.

There are now more than 13,000 deaths attributed to Cuomo’s NYS Health Department directive that Covid-19 infected patients be admitted to nursing homes. When you include deaths from assisted living/adult care facilities the number jumps to more than 15,000.

DeRosa told lawmakers that the Governor’s office “basically we froze” after learning that Trump asked the Department of Justice to look into the nursing home deaths.

I am sure both Cuomo and DeRosa will be traveling on Friday and will not hold their usual Friday press conference.

Perhaps the name Kathy Hochul, who is Lieutenant Governor of New York, will become more prominent in the near future as state Democrats including Attorney General Letitia James continue to question Cuomo’s actions. 


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