Dems revel in Cuomo’s downfall

Hubris can be fatal to a career in politics and organized crime. You never want to get more notoriety than your overlords.

In January New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was fresh off a year of personal backslapping where he penned a bestselling book on his handling of the pandemic, weekly appearances on CNN with his brother Chris and receiving an Emmy Award for his press conferences, he could do no wrong.

All that would change weeks later. Coming off a somewhat successful 4-year smear job of former President Trump, the Democratic leadership turned on one of their own: Cuomo.

How else can you explain the revelations that have been uncovered over the past four weeks. 

First the Covid-18 nursing home death report released by NY Attorney General Letitia James — a Democrat — which showed far more fatalities than originally reported.

The second hit was Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, telling fellow state Democrats that the administration “froze” when faced with federal probe into the nursing home deaths.

Third was Democratic lawmakers coming out to support New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim after he was allegedly threatened by Cuomo.

Now, a former aide to Cuomo charged him on Wednesday with fresh claims of sexual harassment — including an allegation he gave her an unwanted kissed “on the lips” and also suggested they play strip poker.

Lindsey Boylan, who is running as a Democratic candidate for Manhattan Borough President released the stunning charges in an essay posted on the Medium website.

While Cuomo dislikes “Godfather” references, this line comes to mind when seeing the latest schadenfreude. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

However, I have a twist on a different line from the movie. Andrew this personal, it’s not business.


1 thought on “Dems revel in Cuomo’s downfall

  1. Catherine Austin Fitts could give some commentary on this guy from back when she was working under the Bush I administration!!! Kudos to Ron Kim for being brave enough to speak out!!!


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