Cuomo’s bleak future clouds NY’s Covid-19 comeback

The word impeachment is back in the news again, but it has very little to do with President Trump this time.

Many New York state lawmakers are eyeing whether to impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo, while voting later this week to to strip him of the dictatorial Covid-19 pandemic emergency powers he has enjoyed for the last 11 months.

Democratic leaders in the state are telling Cuomo it may be best if he resigned in order to avert probes into sexual harassment charges and his administration’s role in the nursing home scandal deaths while in office.

Cuomo has not held an Emmy-award winning press conference in a week since the sexual harassment charges surfaced. His defense of the nursing home deaths was deemed callous as he proclaimed that “people died” whether they were in hospitals or nursing homes. Then went further to blame the nursing home workers for bringing the dreaded virus into the facility and killied patients.

It’s clear that Cuomo’s camp has hunkered down and created a news black out. It’s unclear how this is affecting the state’s efforts to move forward economically as Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to fall.

NY lawmakers hammered out a bill on Tuesday night taking away Cuomo’s executive powers, which could come to a vote on Friday. Ironically, Cuomo would have to sign the bill to make it law, which many lawmakers see as a primary reason he should resign.

Republican County Executive Marc Molinaro, who ran against Cuomo in 2018, suggests the taking away of emergency powers does not go far enough.

“This is a hollow political gesture. It is not a substitute for real action,” he told The New York Post. “We need a restoration of the balance of power, restoration of local authority and a return to democracy.”

Cuomo is also suffering in the polls as his approval rating with registered voters fell to 38% from a high of 71% during the early days of the pandemic, according to a  NewsNation/WPIX 11/Emerson College poll.

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