A new post will come soon, sorry

I apologize for the lateness of today’s blog post. My service provider WordPress has changed the interface and application I used for the last 10 years without notice and I am struggling to figure it out.

Let me explore this new interface for a few hours and then I will then post a report.


4 thoughts on “A new post will come soon, sorry

  1. This tallies with a recent update on the WordPress software version, which leads me to asking, have you considered going full independent, and running your own domain based blog-one can be excluded from these Silicon Valley media platforms if they consider you outside of their ‘terms of service’? Just a thought, since you are an established name, grayseconomy.com has a nice ring to it! I work in this area if you want advice e.t.c


    • WP provides ad revenue — although not that much — to me. I own the URL through them. Not sure how to go about unlinking from them.


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