Cuomo’s tally grows with current staff allegation

So now we have a sixth woman, who is currently on his staff, accusing NY Governor Andrew Cuomo of harassment.

As I wrote on Monday, I don’t see him making it to next Monday as state Democratic lawmakers opposition continues to grow.

The latest accusation may be the most damning since this woman says he called her to the Governor’s mansion after work hours last year. This shows perhaps premeditation on Cuomo’s part.

While some lawmakers have suggested to wait for Attorney General Letitia James report on the accusations, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for his resignation.

I have to say if de Blasio has the higher ground on this issue, you know you are in trouble.

Cuomo’s acting counsel, Beth Garvey, told reporters on Tuesday, “All allegations that we learn of directly or indirectly are going promptly to the investigators appointed by the attorney general.”

However Cuomo told reporters later in the day on Tuesday he was unaware of the latest accusation.

While Cuomo’s public appearances in the last week have been limited to speaking at vaccination sites with no questions from the media, the Emmy-winning governor will need to come forward very soon with something more than “Let’s wait for the investigation.”

Let’s see what Wednesday brings.


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