Hey Andy, the fat lady is warming up her vocal chords

The sign off for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy-award winning press conferences always seem a little off to me. It hit my ear and I would cringe a little bit.

“New York tough, smart, united, disciplined and loving,” was the way he would sign off his updates. The loving part seemed forced and out of context for the Covid-19 reaction.

Well, now with the latest victim telling the Albany Times Union that Cuomo reached under her blouse and groped her in the Executive Mansion last year, it all seems to come into context.

I would like to help my fellow high school alum with his next speech.

It should read something like this and be given late Friday afternoon this week.

“New Yorkers have gone through so much pain and suffering over the last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” (editor’s note: Please do not go through with mentions of the virus coming from Europe and/or blaming President Trump. This is about your actions, not his}.

“As we turn the corner on this dreadful disease with the vaccines, I feel it’s time for me to step aside to allow the robust economic recovery to begin.”

Short and sweet. No laundry list of accomplishments. No hubris. No mea culpas.

Non scholae sed vitae was our high school motto. In Latin it means, not for school, but for life.

Take this to heart and exit stage right with whatever dignity you can muster.

Your victims and fellow New Yorkers deserve that.


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