Cancel culture picks and chooses targets

Cancel culture keeps eating its own and yet New York Governor Andrew Cuomo remains off the menu.

In the latest sacrificial offering, a young Afican-American woman slated to take over the editor in chief position at Conde Nast’s “Teen Vogue” was forced to resign before starting because of anti-Asian tweets she posted a decade ago when she was in her first year in college.

Alexi McCammond, 27, who was awarded the emerging journalist of the year by the National Association of Black Journalists in 2019, pulled out after 20 staffers at “Teen Vogue” petitioned Conde’s Chief Content Officer Anna Wintour to nix the job offer.

As a point of comparison McCammond’s comments came when she was a teenager. Cuomo’s alleged actions of sexual harassment came when he was in his 50’s and 60’s.

Ironically Cuomo’s last two public appearances have been with Black ministers and politicians in Old Westbury, Long Island and in Harlem this week. Both rallies offered no media questions, but plenty of support for the embattled governor including a fawning speech by former Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel.

The fact that cancel culture offers no redemption for the immature thoughts of a teenager defies the greatest tenets of all major religions: Forgiveness and atonement.

McCammond has atoned, Cuomo has not.

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