NY’s dueling Bozos need to go

Both New York’s Democratic leaders — Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio — were chastised over the weekend for their actions.

At a rally in Brooklyn scores of families showed up to give a voice for their loved ones who died in nursing homes last year due to Cuomo’s Covid-19 directives. The grieving family members spoke about having to make life and death decisions over the phone with a doctor they never knew.

Meanwhile in Manhattan de Blasio was chased from a event to support Asian-Americans who have become the latest victims of hate crimes. While the mayor spoke, voices in the crowd shouted, “What are you going to do about it.”

Both incidents show the lack of leadership in New York. Neither Democrat has shown the voters they can bring New York back from the pandemic. Instead both Cuomo and de Blasio point to each other as the problem, without offering a solution.

As budget talks in Albany show that taxes in the state and city may soar, it really is time for moderate New Yorkers to flex their muscles and reign in these two pols and their pie in the sky dreams.

New Yorkers will probably have new leaders by the end of the year — due to term limits in de Blasio’s case and all the scandals Cuomo faces in Albany — so let’s get our voices out there for moderation now. So that the pendulum can swing back from the far progressive plans of these two wounded pols.


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