Cuomo ducking for cover in minority communities

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo kept to his recent game plan on Monday appearing at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon to open another vaccination site within a minority neighborhood.

Ever since the sexual harassment allegations began to pile up on the door step of the Executive Mansion in Albany, Cuomo has retreated to minority areas to hold pep rallies.

This event is the third public appearance in a row for Cuomo where he did not take questions from reporters. It’s also the third time in the last 10 days he has appeared with minority community leaders. The last two were at SUNY Old Westbury and Harlem.

Monday’s fete had Al Sharpton speaking again along with other religious including Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson of Grace Baptist Church and political leaders including Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard.

All extolled Cuomo for his handling of the pandemic, without mentioning nursing home deaths or sexual harassment charges.

Absent however was New York Senator Jamaal Bailey, who represents Mount Vernon. Bailey has called for Cuomo to resign in the wake of the sexual allegations.

Later in the day Cuomo held a conference call with reporters, but said he would not answer questions about nursing homes and/or sexual harassment claims due to state and federal probes being conducted into those matters.

My question is why are minority ministers giving him cover? Presumption of innocence is one thing, but to extol his virtues is quite another.


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